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Custom car show display boards are a professional and clear way to present the features and history of your classic American muscle hotrod car. Titan Graphix prides its self on producing the highest quality results with the car owners personality in mind, delivering options that work in a timely manner.

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Every Car Has Its Own Story, So Tell It With A Titan Graphix Story Board, “The Final Touch”!


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Story Board

18” x 24”

20” x 30”

24” x 36”

With Local Photo Shoot












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Titan Graphix Story Boards are car show boards, display boards, signs or car posters.

Titan Graphix has been producing custom display boards since 2005. You most likely have seen one of our hundreds of works of art hanging in your buddy's office, den and garage.

Our car show display boards have been used at car shows mainly in California, including Pebble Beach d’Elegance and Grand National Roadster Show. You may have also seen our work at Mecum Auctions and Barret Jackson Auctions.

Call 562-209-0138 to discuss.

32-Ford-hiboy-copy 1968-Mustang-Fastback
57 Thunderbird Story Board v3 65-ford-cobra-1 1961-Chevrolet-Impala-Titan-Graphix-562-209-0138
1964-GTO-Post-car Display Board Titan Graphix-562-209-0138 1966-Chevrolet-SS-Nova Display Board Titan Graphix-562-209-0138 1966-Corvette-Display-Board-Titan-Graphix-562-209-0138
1966-Mustang-GT Display Board Titan Graphix-562-209-0138 petes-37-ford Display Board Titan Graphix-562-209-0138
1958-olds-98-Show-Board-Titan-Graphix-562-209-0138 1940-Willys-Show-Board-Titan-Graphix-562-209-0138
1936-Ford-Display-Board-Titan-Graphix-562-209-0138 1955-ford-thunderbird-Display-Board-Titan-Graphix-562-209-0138

To Order or Discuss:

  1. Call: 562-209-0138
  2. Email: titangraphix@gmail.com
  3. On-line Pre-order form:  Click Here

A Titan Graphix Story Board will help explain to both, interested spectators and judges, what it is that is special about your car. Whether your car is a custom or a classic, every car has its own story to tell.

Here are some questions that can be answered:

  • How many are still in existence?
  • Who helped with the restoration?
  • -Body
  • -Engine
  • -Interior
  • What type of engine, h.p., carburetor, rear-end, exhaust does it have?
  • Is it a matching numbers car
  • Special features
  • How many years have you been working on the car?
  • Are you the original own?

What ever the story is let us help you tell it with a “Story Board” from TITAN GRAPHIX.

How it works

1.Tell us what you have in mind.

Tell us about your car over a telephone conversation. Send us a follow-up e-mail with your car’s story and specifications, this way we are both clear on what is to be included, this will help our team create a custom ”Story Board” that best represents your vehicle.

2. Who takes care of the photography.

If you are local (within 25 miles of Long Beach, CA), TITAN GRAPHIX will come out to your house or other desired location and photograph your car. If you are not local, we ask that you send us the images. We will offer suggestions on what images to take, if you like. We prefer hi-resolution digital images sent on a disk. We can scan your current photography.

3. Our designers will create.

You will have our experienced designers working on your project right away. This means that you'll get a high impact design that will look professional and give you a competitive edge over your competitors. You will receive your first design concepts within 5 working days!

4. Suggest changes for your ”Story Board”

We want to make your ’Story Board” perfect for you. That's why you'll get a maximum of three revision cycles. You can tell our designers what changes you require, once made, we will print your ”Story Board” for the world to see!

Give us call or send us an e-mail to get your “Story Board” started TODAY!



Located at:

204 A Belmont Ave.

Long Beach, CA 90803


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