1966 Ford Mustang K-Code - Classic Car Art Photography

I am working on a custom Car Show Display Board for this 1966 Ford Mustang K-code. The owner began the restoration of this American classic pony car a few years ago. The Mustang was owned by his grandfather since the 1971. He used it as his daily driver for many years. Many years later John, the current, asked his grandfather if he could use the car to take his date to the senior prom, said no, His reason was that the car had too much power. John did eventually succeed in getting his hands on this car. Many years later his grandparents retired and moved to Arizona, leaving the Mustang at their house in Lakewood Ca. John did receive the title a couple of years ago as a Christmas gift and his grandmother convinced his grandfather he was not going to restore it and John would be the person must likely to do so.

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